Published by Carolyn Chidandale

In 1947: The World YWCA Council in Hangchow, China decided to establish an Annual YWCA Membership Celebration. They encouraged YWCAs worldwide to observe this day with a specific theme and programme.

In 1948: The movement decided this special day would be called “World YWCAObservance Day” and would be commemorated the last week of April.

In 1972: The World YWCA Executive Committee refocused the event to stress the important of being part of a global movement, and adopted the name “World YWCADay.”

In 1989: April 24 became the official date for World YWCA Day.

In 2003: The first annual YWCA “Round-the-World-Breakfast” was held in the lead up to the World YWCA Council in Brisbane, Australia. It was designed to connect YWCAs to the collective power of a movement that is changing the lives of women and girls worldwide.

In 2015: In World Council, we invited YWCAs to hold a “Round-the-World-Breakfast” with the theme Envisioning 2035. Over the last quadrennium, the World YWCA has developed a 2035 envisioning process to map out a 20-year programme of action. At World Council 2015, we adopted the Envisioning 2035 proposal.

In 2016: World YWCA launched its new Young Women’s blog.

This year, the world YWCA will also be commemorated on the 24th of April on the theme “Find Your Voice, Share your Story” The YWCA of Malawi will join other YWCA associations in commemorating this day. You are all welcome. Invitation-cards-World-YWCA-Day-2018

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