International Women’s Day : 2019

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Published by Atupele Milanzi

Young Women Christian Association of Malawi is a faith based, women-led, non-profit making organisation whose main aim is to improve the lives of women and girls in Malawi.

Our mission is to create awareness among women; right to education for the girl child, respect for women’s rights and access to health services and promote women’s participation in politics and society as a whole.

On this day, we stand with the international and local community in celebrating women all over the world. We believe in the power of ‘together’, work, grow and be better without leaving anyone behind especially women. In loving one another and serving one another we become equal as we carry each other’s burden and with everyone’s input, we build smart, we build better, we build faster and influence positive change for all.

This Years theme of the International Women day is ” Think equal, building smart, innovative change.”

Think equal – We engage with community and religious leaders to promote positive masculinity in ending gender based violence.

Building smart – We promote girl child education. Through the YWCA, we have scholarships that send teen mother’s back to school.

Innovative change – We equip adolescent mother’s with psychosocial support and parenting skills while targeting the proper growth and development of their babies.

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