Success story from Grand Challenges Canada project

Published by Carolyn Chidandale

Through the Grand challenges Canada (GCC) project that aims at providing Psychosocial support to adolescent mothers and promoting early childhood development to babies born to such mothers, The YWCA of Malawi managed to help Ndaziona who is a 13 year old mother.  Upon realizing that she was pregnant, Ndaziona never attended antenatal clinics due to her age and her story that led to her Pregnancy. Being an orphan staying with her old grandmother, a 42 year old man who used to support the family took advantage of her and impregnated her.  As a result, Ndaziona was so ashamed and was afraid of attending healthy check-ups as she was only 11 years old.

Ndaziona never attended antenatal clinics to the extent that she gave birth at home with the help of her grandmother and some neighbors. Through the YWCA of Malawi, Ndaziona started attending post natal check-ups at the hospital. Being one of the beneficiaries in the Grand challenges project, Ndaziona receives psychosocial support, parenting skills and nutritional care as well as early childhood stimulating activities for her child.

Two years of receiving this intervention, Ndaziona’s Self-esteem and stress levels were improved. Due to the activities that are done in the baby’s room by trained peer champions (Caregivers), Ndaziona’s Child is developing very well.

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  1. Wow. Thanks to your help YWCA. I can imagine the trauma this girl was going through. Knowledge provides light and hope to the hopeless.


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